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a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

"the team showed their true mettle in the second half"

synonyms: spirit, fortitude, tenacity, strength of character, steel, determination, resolve, resolution, steadfastness, courage, bravery, grit.

We coach cyclists at every level, across multiple disciplines, preparing for every type of biking event.

Whether training for your first charity ride or a 100 mile mountain bike race, we can help you reach your goals by providing weekly updates to your training plan based on your current metrics and training schedule.

What we offer:

-Individualized Training Plans
-Custom Workouts
-Zwift Workouts
-Heart Rate and Power Analytics 
-Road and MTB Skills Clinics
-Advice on Performance Nutrition
-Advice on Strength Training for Cyclists
-Advice on Tactics and Strategy