My name is Eric Frazier. I started coaching because I’ve loved cycling for more than 25 years. Coaching is an opportunity to share my passion for bikes and racing. I’m not a phenomenal racer or ex-pro. I’m just an average guy that’s obsessed with the art and science of training and coaching.

I don’t chase trends, but I study and learn the current proven techniques. I address the physical and mental side of performance so my clients can be better athletes and happier human beings. I’m always trying to be a better coach today than I was yesterday.


USA Cycling Level 2 Coach

BICP Certified Level 2 Mountain Bike Coach

Things I offer all my athletes:

MTB Skills Clinics

Road Skills Clinics

Race Tactics and Strategy

Customized Workouts & Training Plans

Advice on performance nutrition

Advice on strength training

Advice on Zwift, VirtuGo, and other indoor training methods and equipment